Our Vision & Mission

Vision of the group

The wine industry is changing fast from a highly fragmented supply driven agribusiness to a competitive professional beverage industry. Changing consumer demands, increasing retail power and the impact of branding are the major drivers for change.

Successful wine companies require a critical mass in order to meet trade demand and build up branded propositions.

The number of innovations will strongly increase and 'time to market' becomes more important. The power of distribution in order to reach the consumer will be the key factor for success. This means dealing with the complexity of different markets, market segments and different consumers.

Mission of the group

The corporate objective is to become the first choice provider of basic and premium wines in North-West Europe, to strengthen our market position in this region by selling qualitative wines via dedicated people and by expanding our distribution network.

In doing so, our ambition is to achieve a sustainable growth in both turnover and in profit to maximise shareholders' value.