Our Strategy

Strategy of the group

Our group is composed of independent Business Units, each with a different speciality and a strong market position in a different segment of the wine market. All Business Units work independently, to ensure entrepreneurship is cherished and nurtured. Each is responsible for all activities in their respective market segments.

The binding factor between Baarsma Units is the synergy created in Human Resources Management, IT, Logistics, Purchasing and Financial Control & reporting. The overall strategy for Baarsma Wine Group is leading in the operations of our Business Units and encompass the following:

  • Expanding our distribution network in North Western Europe.
  • Maintain and further strengthen the competitive position of the group.
  • Continue to act as a partner and preferred supplier for key customers.
  • Positioning the group as the ideal partner for brand-owners.
  • Respond rapidly to the developments taking place within the international market.
  • Reduce dependency on certain markets and product groups.

Core ideologies of the group

Next to synergies which are built between the units and the strategy, the linking element between several Business Units is also captured in our company's core values or ideologies:

  • Focus on consumers and brands.
  • To turn every customer into a friend.
  • Excellence in reputation, work with passion.
  • Focus on Execution, walk while you talk.
  • Be in partnership with employees.
  • Honesty, integrity and ethics in all aspects of business.